New Album Coming Soon

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News Announcement

  • Album: 14 Tracks
  • Release: April 2018
  • Genre: Dance / Industrial / Electro
  • Title: Borderline

The Story

My 3rd album “Borderline” contains lots of old and new tracks. I’ve planned this release a while ago. Some tracks are over 5 years old and have been waiting for this release; some tracks are new, but they contain a melody that I’ve created in the past.

The name “Borderline” has a deep meaning. In the past, I had a bipolar disorder (sometimes you are depressive and sometimes you are manic) and I had the need to harm myself. I’ve ended that chapter of my life with a therapy. Today I’m okay, I don’t need medicine and I love my new life.

Whenever I was feeling bad, I created a melody or a beat on my old laptop.  Music has helped me a lot in the past to overcome my feelings.

All in all, this album is mostly about me and my old self. After this album, I want to make a cut between today and the past. Because of that, the album is called “Borderline”.


Here’s a short preview of “Medicine”.

It is the continuation of my old track “Butterfly”.


At first, I want to show you the tracklist.

  1. Borderline
  2. Stones in Your Face
  3. We Are One
  4. Medicine
  5. Hypnotized
  6. Fast Forward
  7. Live In Hell
  8. Acid
  9. Anesthesia
  10. Manic
  11. Silence
  12. Injection
  13. Oceanborn
  14. Forgotten Island (Outro)

Now I want to tell you a few things about some tracks.

  • “Borderline” has a nice catchy beat, maybe it’s a bit aggressive, maybe it’s repetitive, but I wanted it to be exactly like that.
  • “Manic” is the finished version of the track that I’ve used on my YouTube channel, where I’m showing the people how to create a swoosh effect in Logic Pro X.
  • “Injection” was the first track that I published on SoundCloud years ago, but I deleted it back in the days.
  • “Forgotten Island” is a Chillout track and it’s perfect as an Outro. I thought, after all these hard tracks you need something to calm down.


I want to say thank you to my small fanbase (Tekheads). Numbers doesn’t matter, I’ll not stop creating new stuff for you to listen to.


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